Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun Day

Mckenna and Ethan came up to Provo to stay the week with Justin and Tawsha. Today was my day off so I decided that I would take them out before they went home. We went to this placed called the Kangaroo Zoo. When I first heard of it I was pretty excited because I thought it was a real zoo with kangaroos but it wasn't. It was still a pretty cool place though. It is a place with all these giant blow up slides and bounce houses and such. We had a lot of fun running and bouncing around!! After we left they we decided to go to the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery.....Which I just discoverd the other day. It is probably like the best place ever. They have cupcakes cookies brownies and all sorts of goodies. We all got a cupcake and boy were they delicious!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break 09

Last weekend was spring break and the plan was to just head down to St.George for the weekend. Things changes once we got invited to go to California to a beach house.....there was no way we could pass that up. Tiffany had work on thursday until 3 so we could not leave Orem until she got off. Once she got off we headed down to St.George to pick up Taisha because she wanted to come with us. We picked Taisha up and the food my mom got us to take on our trip wouldn't be so expensive (what a nice nice mother I have). Anyways so we left St.George at about 8:30 and started our 7 hour journey to San Clemete CA. We drove and drove for what seemed like forever then at about 2 a.m. we arrived in CA. We were all just so tired we went right to bed.

Friday Taisha and Tiffany went down and walked the beach while I still slept for a bit. Then I got ready and went longboarding with some of the guys that were with us. After that we all headed down to the beach to play for a bit. I was kind of disappointed because it was cloudy and all I wanted was to get a tan. However that didn't work out too well. We wanted to try to go find some sun so we packed up and headed up to Newport beach for a bit....still no sun. We just hung out there for a bit and took pictures and such. We left Newport and went down to San Diego where we decided to spend the rest of the weekend.

Saturday we went to the USS Midway Museum. It is like a navy ship I guess that is now a museum. It was pretty cool I am not going to lie. We had lots of fun taking pictures in there and riding the plane simulator. It was like I was flying a real navy plane. Then we just spent the rest of the day on the beach because there was actually sun, but I still got no tan what so ever.

Sunday we packed up all of our stuff and went to the San Diego Temple. I think that temple is my favorite temple ever! After the temple it started raining so we just decided to head home. Tiffany got sick, so I was stuck driving the WHOLE way home!! It was so boring and not fun at all! Now we are back to our everyday lives. I survived the long drive! I wish I was still in California though.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


While I was in St.George this past weekend I asked G-Ma Roam to teach me how to crochet because there were some headbands that I saw on TV that I wanted to make. At first it was kind of tricky because I just couldn't seem to get it started out right with the whole wrapping the yarn around and bringing it through and stuff. I finally got it down and they were not as hard to make as I thought they would be. Mine could definitely use a little more work until they are perfect but at least I can do it. G-Ma Hannig also helped me a little bit with how to hold the hook and such. It took me a long to to get the hang of how to hold it but after awhile it got pretty comfortable. Now I just crochet my life away in my free time. All my roommates call me Grandma, but I don't care. It gives me something to do! Here is an awful picture of kara and me wearing the headbands G-ma Roam and I made.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things

I guess it is my turn to do the 25 random things.....since I have nothing else to blog about.

1.I don't like the snow, but I moved up to's everywhere insight.

2.I work as a phlebotomists at a plasma donation center.

3.My friend Kara and me built our own bunk beds that we sleep on.

4.Never thought I would say this, but I love St.George and want to move back asap.

5.I went to Chuck E. Cheese's for my 1st time last week.

6.I wish I had more time to be lazy.

7.I hate school so so so bad!

8.I want to be an ultrasound tech.

9.I try to go as long as I can without grocery shopping......longest I have gone is 2 months. I just always have food and I am not sure where it comes from.

10.I have a weakness for designer jeans and wish I had a never ending supply of them.

11.I can't stand the smell of gummy life savers.

12.I hate having attention focused on me.

13.My biggest fear is having to speak in front of a group of people. I think I would rather die

14.I call my mom for all my answers to all my questions.

15.When I was younger I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and Nsync.

16.I love peanut butter.

17.I am going to apply for BYU next semester.....wish me luck.

18.I hate fake people and snotty girls.

19.I hate spending money.

20.I love love love food and hate hate hate working out.

21.I want to go to Australia and Thailand.

22.I hate it when people lie about stupid things.

23.I think I always have to be right about everything.....probably not a good thing.

24.I have had 11 jobs in 4 years.

25.I want and Acura TSX or a Vovlo S40.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


There is a little lounge in Provo called Spark that only has non-alcoholic drinks that Ryan and me always go to. Last night instead of us 2 just going we decided that it would be a lot more fun if we got a little group together and all went. It was super fun!! We all just hung out got lots of super good drinks and enjoyed each others company. After we went to spark we all just went hot tubbing and hung out. It was an over all fun night. Short post I know but this is all the updates I have for now. Except for like school and work but that's nothing special.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ice Skating

Most people are out of town still for the Holidays so it has been quite boring lately. Tiffany and me have just been sitting at home every night pretty much being a loser. Last night we decided that we were going to do something. So Tiff, Kaden, and me all we ice skating! I have never been before, so I was pretty excited! None of us were really that great but we still had a lot of fun. We tried doing tricks and stuff. You know how the figure skaters do their cool turns and stuff. Yeah that didn't work out too well for any of us. One day I will be able to do sweet tricks. Bet was that I would not leave there without a broken arm or something but fortunately I left with no injuries.

Friday, December 19, 2008

First stick

I have been working at the plasma place for one whole week now. The training process as gone by so fast!! The first day was no fun at all. I sat and read for eight hours straight. I think i read more that day than I have read in my entire life time!! On Monday they taught me how to set up the machines. I had to set up 25 machines before I could be taught anything else. Once I got all 25 of my set ups I was able to start on DC's which is basically taking the needle out of the persons arm when they are finish donating. I started DC's on Tuesday and had to get 25 of those also. I finished with my DC's in one day. Today I started sticking people. I was so nervous to start sticking people. The first one I did I was shaking real bad, but it ended up going in smoothly. Afterward I was relieved I had done a super good job and it was not even as bad as I thought it was going to be. I just have 20 more sticks to go before I can be certified!! I am glad I pretty much know everything I need to know.