Friday, December 19, 2008

First stick

I have been working at the plasma place for one whole week now. The training process as gone by so fast!! The first day was no fun at all. I sat and read for eight hours straight. I think i read more that day than I have read in my entire life time!! On Monday they taught me how to set up the machines. I had to set up 25 machines before I could be taught anything else. Once I got all 25 of my set ups I was able to start on DC's which is basically taking the needle out of the persons arm when they are finish donating. I started DC's on Tuesday and had to get 25 of those also. I finished with my DC's in one day. Today I started sticking people. I was so nervous to start sticking people. The first one I did I was shaking real bad, but it ended up going in smoothly. Afterward I was relieved I had done a super good job and it was not even as bad as I thought it was going to be. I just have 20 more sticks to go before I can be certified!! I am glad I pretty much know everything I need to know.

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Christie said...

I am so glad you are such a great needle sticker! Keep up the good work.