Friday, August 29, 2008

crazy week

This week has been quite the week. Since I haven't had a job for about a month and I wasn't doing anything but sitting home all day doing nothing I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go down to St.George with Tawsha and Justin. It was kind of a last minute trip, but I sure did enjoy it. Being able to spend time with my mom was great! I miss just being able to go home and having her there to talk to and such. It was also nice to be able to have all the food I could eat as well as the super good home cooked meals my mom prepared! Me living on my own now it is not often that I actaully get a good home cooked meal. I definitely miss those meals. Having no job results in having no money. So I was ready to go to work at Old town and Country, the place I worked at before I moved to orem, so I could earn a little bit of money to last me a little while.
I even had a great time spending time with the litle sisters we had fun.
On monday after I returned to Orem one of my friends called me asking me if I would like to have an interview for a job. I was so excited to have an interview for a job. I went in for the interview and it went reall well. Nick then called me Monday night letting now when I was going to start. I was so happy I finally got a job. That just ment I didn't have to spend my days sitting around home all day, and I would be making money.
Wednesday was my frist day of work at Customform Coutnertops as a receptionist. I am not going to lie I was little nervous to start but it all went well. So far I like it...the pays not bad and my hours are pretty good.
I also started school this week. I am taking one class but it sure is a tough one. I am so nervous for this semester. If I don't slack off I should be just fine. I am determined to get an A in this class. It is going to be hard work but it will feel nice when I get it done.

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Kim said...

That will be a good job for you...maybe you can do homework if it isn't busy.