Monday, September 15, 2008

Ryan Sheckler

My friends and I found out that Ryan Sheckler(a very good looking pro skateboarder) was going to be in Salt Lake this weekend and so we could not pass up the chance to go meet him in person. I know what you are thinking and yes we are a bit old but we just could not resist. So we drove up to Salt Lake to where the event was paid $15 to get in and found out that only 125 people could meet him and that we were not going to able to because we didn't get there in time. The only other way that it was possible for us to meet him was to spend $75 but that would only get 2 of us in and there was 3 and there was no way we were going to do that. We were so mad!! I tried begging one of the guys to just let us in but he was not having. I then saw this little girl that had spent the $75 go get in line......she was by herself and since the $75 was for 2 people I decided that I would ask her if i could be her friend and go with her. It was not a bad decision at all I got lucky she said yes! I was so excited. However Kara and Holly had to wait outside for an hour while I went and met was kind of sad. Atleast they still got a glimps of him from outside.
Even though I got to meet him I was still kind of bitter because I asked this girl to take a picture of me and him and this is what she took.......I was not even facing the stupid camera.

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Kim said...

I'm laughing at the great picture your 'friend' took. Well, what do you expect...she let you in for free. Funny. If anything, you look skinny in the picture!