Monday, November 3, 2008


This year for halloween my friends and me had a hard time figureing out what we should be. Since most of us don't have much money we didn't want to spend $50 dollars on a costume. Not only did we not want to spend that much money on a costume, we wanted a costume that would cover our bodies. We didn't want be like all the other girls that wore a bra and panties and called it a bunny or what not. So thursday night came and we came up with this great idea of being homeless people. It was cheap and easy and our bodies were covered. I don't see how girls can dress up in just bra and panties and bee comfortable. Thats no fun if you have to keep making sure your covered and stuff. I heard some girls saying that guys won't want to hang out with or talk to you at any parties if your not dressed with hardly anything on. Why would you want guys like that anyways if all they like is practically naked girls. Anyways so Friday came Nicole Gibson drove down from Salt Lake and we all got ready to go out. Kara, Tifafny and Me were all dressed as homeless like I said and Nicole was dress as Jackie off That 70'ws Show. We went to dinner and then went to the UVU dance party. The dance wasn't that great. There was way too many people there and we couldn't even dance let alone move. After a couple hours we decided to leave and head back to our apartment and just hung out for a bit then went to bed. This year just wasn't the best halloween but thats ok.


Kim said...

good idea for a halloween costume....that would be a good one for me since I am poor too.

Christie said...

Dani you are so good! I am glad you like to dress modestly. Kenna would be proud.