Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mini Christmas Tree

You can't have a house without a Christmas Tree at Christmas time. None of us really had money to go out and buy a tree, but I really wanted one. I had a Job interview and I decided that if I got the job I would go buy a tree. I got the job so I went straight to the Chirstmas Tree lot. I only had $15 dollars so all I could afford was a little mini tree but it sure was cute. I brought it home and since I bought the tree my roommates had to buy the decoration. Later that night Kara and Tiffany went out and bought some orniments and lights and of course Tiffany couldn't have a tree with out tinsel. When they got home we blasted the Christmas music, made hot chocolate and decorated the tree all together. It is not the best Christmas tree ever but it does the job for us. After we decorated the tree we went and looked ar Christmas lights. We saw a house that had the whole north pole in thier front room. It was pretty cool!


Christie said...

I like your mini christmas tree. I think that is cool that you guys got one. Tis the season to be Jolly!

Kim said...

cute mini tree....and congrats on the job...hopefully you keep this one. See you SOON!!!